Are you aware of your personal impact on climate change? With the installation HOT TAKE, members of creative collective LFMC explore their footprint beyond the borders of their own habitat. As creatives with bi-cultural backgrounds, LFMC’s roots are spread across several continents. From Southern Europe to South America and from Asia to North Africa. How do our daily activities and unsustainable habits affect the places we are rooted from? How does our healthy avocado salad impact the people in Chile and what is wrong with the use of Moroccan olive oil? LFMC invites you to reflect on how our consumer society is linked to our places of origin. How does it relate to your personal and national history?  HOT TAKE shines light on how we are connected through space and time.

LAMEIAE created a mixed media artwork featuring a fictional olive oil brand. An important export product for morocco that creates job opportunities for indigenous women and helps the economy, but at the same time creates a massive amount of waste product. Al Jaffaf, the double edged product.